If you Only Have a Day: Phoenix, AZ

If you only have a day in Phoenix, make a plan to stay cool, see the sights, and eat all of the food. 

Morning Coffee: Dutch Bros. has come to Arizona. You’re welcome. (I recommend the White Zombie Blended Chai) 

Old Town Scottsdale- The best place to grab that magnet or souvenir shot glass is definitely in Old Town Scottsdale. It’s the perfect mix of eclectic shops and touristy boutiques. And it’s always a special treat to grab lunch and ice cream at The SugarBowl! It’s an old-timey soda shop, complete with some of the best ice cream sundaes in the world! 

Pick a museum- it’s no wonder in a place as hot as Phoenix, some of their best attractions are the great indoors. There’s an amazing museum for you no matter what you’re into. I love the Museum of Instruments and the Pioneer Living History museum myself. 

If you time it right, you might be able to catch a ballgame. I highly recommend Chase Field. I mean it’s no AT&T or Petco Park, but if it gets too hot they close the roof and blast the AC! They have decent food, good quality seating, and excellent entertainment & play area for kids. 

“Hike” Hole in the Rock around sunset followed by pizza in either  Scottsdale or Gilbert. Don’t let the word “hike” fool you, it’s a walk. It’s one of Phoenix’s most random but lovely attractions, situated in Papago Park (by the zoo). It take about 10-15 mins to walk around the formation and climb to the top of the hill. From the top you have a great view outlooking onto the city. It’s a cool little spot to sit and relax, even when it’s a million degrees out. I recommend going towards the end of the day, desert sunsets are not to be missed! 

Depending on what side of town you’re on, there is an amazing pizza/pasta place for dinner. My best friend and I are at odds, and I think it just comes down to personal taste. He’s convinced that Chizona’s (Scottsdale) is the best, while I think that Oreganos, in quaint little downtown Gilbert, is amazing! Maybe if you have two days you can help settle the argument for us! 

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