Staying Fresh and Comfortable on the Road 

If you’re going on an extended ride, a couple weeks or more, staying clean, fresh, and sane can often be a challenge. There are some easy solutions depending on how you’re choosing to travel, but whether you’re in good hotels, camping or pausing in rest stops, there’s always an option to freshen up. 
Obviously if you stop at hotel, even just once or twice a week you’ll have access to a shower. But keep in mind some motels also have laundry rooms! Take advantage of it! 
One of the chapters in my book is entirely made of checklists. There’s one for car tools, first aid, road trip songs, camping equipment, and more. The one thing that you’ll find on about four of them is quarters. They can be invaluable when it comes to staying clean.

If you’re camping or rest stop crashing, check your AAA campbook for a campground with hot showers to use. They often just take a couple quarters , and if you followed the checklist for travel toiletries you’ll have everything you need to refresh and relax. (Sometimes you don’t even have to stay there.. Shh) 
Another place to grab a shower is a truck stop such as Pilot or Loves. Most of them aren’t strict if they have professional driver only rules, especially if they’re not too busy. Mid-morning is usually a good time to go and not too crowded. They’re often $5-10, but you can get discounts if you use their loyalty cards. I love My Pilot/Flying J card (also my Shell card too). On a side note, Pilot also just invested a $100 million dollars into upgrading their showers and restrooms too 🙂 So they’re actually really nice.

There are a million little inventions nowadays to keep you from going crazy in between showers. These are all up to your personal preference. 

  • A can of dry shampoo can be a great way to keep your hair looking healthy between washes.
  • Facial wipes and baby wipes can work as a quick alternative to full showers. 
  • Take or leave the deodorant, it’s not like anyone else is going to smell you. But if it makes you feel fresh, go for it.
  • A friend of mine keeps an empty water or pop bottle in his car, he brushes and rinses his teeth, spitting into the bottle. There’s always rest stops, but it’s an option. 

Small town Laundromats are awesome. If you’re needing a little break from the road, and the laundry’s piling up, stop in and use those quarters. Often I will grab some lunch, maybe a book, and settle in. (It’s also a good time to write and get organized if you’re a writer/blogger) 

All of these places are great for keeping you clean and sane on the road. There are some people who love the roughing it approach to the journey, for everyone else, I hope these tips help. What some other things you do to stay comfortable on the ride? 

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