How to Rock a SOLO CAMPING TRIP…Safely

How to Rock a SOLO CAMPING TRIP… Safely

Camping can be a great way to cut costs and get some good quality nature time in when you’re on the road. Whether you’re crisscrossing the country or sliding up the coast, there are a few safety tips to keep in mind when you’re getting back to nature solo.

  • Don’t announce to the world that you’re on your own, but do tell the rangers station. Especially if you plan to hike or explore, be sure to check in the station and let them know when you plan to be back and the route you expect to take.



  • When in doubt, sleep in the car. I’ve been in many different situations where car camping just made more sense to me. Whether it’s creepy neighbors, seeing a bear near the campground, cold temps, or just wanting to keep the phone charged, the ability to lock the doors and periodically turn the heater on sometimes just made the smarter choice. Often, I’d even set up the tent and unload some of my gear to make space more comfortable in the car, have a place to change, etc. and then build a comfortable bed in the back.


  • Even in your car, animals can still smell food. Store it properly and follow the posted signs of the campground. Read my post on [DEALING WITH ANIMALS ON THE ROAD] and pay attention to local wildlife restrictions. Some places will require bear spray or certain storage methods for food or cooking gear.


  • Grab the site by the bathroom. It might not seem that desirable to have people walking through your site, or the noise the bathroom creates, but it’s safer. A shorter walk for you and another safe locking space in case of emergency. Also, the rangers often check around the bathrooms on their periodic sweeps so it’s a good way for them to keep an eye on your safety.


  • Set up camp and prep your light & heat sources early. Build your fire or preset it (set it up so all you have to do it light it… link to short article on how to build a fire). Nothing sucks worse than having to scramble in the dark to try to get stuff together. Also, buy the wood where you burn it. Bugs that live in the wood can invade the ecosystem of your campsite. Many sites now are also, crumb-free campgrounds to try to limit the invasive nature of certain bird species that eat the crumbs and then throw off the balance of the threatened populations. So try and be as clean and prepped as possible for how you plan to cook and eat your food when it gets dark.

Always make sure your First Aid kit is properly stocked before hitting the road too! Maybe this will help…Building Your Cars First Aid Kit

What are some of your favorite solo camping tips and places? I’ve camped all around the country and it’s too hard to narrow it down! The redwood in California? Mountains in Oregon & Washington? Upper Michigan wilderness? Tahoe. Utah, Zion and Bryce were definitely on the list. I can’t even begin to choose. Let us know what places top your list!


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