Schedules, Miles, and Writing on the Road

I’ve never been a deadline person. If I have someone to answer to I’m fine, because God forbid I disappoint an actual person. But if it’s just an arbitrary date on the calendar…
I think this part of my personality often bleeds into the way I travel. I know I have a deadline if I have somewhere to be by a certain date. But the way in which I go about it to get there can vary from driving straight through, to stopping every five minutes at whatever interesting looking thing the guide book suggests.

Unfortunately, I’ve found that the same often goes for my writing while I’m traveling. Inspiration will strike and I’ll hole up at a rest stop or motel and write for three days straight, or go months thinking nothing’s good enough to actually put on paper. But this year I am taking on the idea that maybe structure is not so much of a bad thing. I will be more consistent and both blog posts and chapter revisions for my book.
Please feel free to comment on road trip subjects & areas (both geographic and categorical) that you want to learn about and I will happily oblige. If you have your own stories or tips you want to share, we’re always looking for contributors and friends to join us in this crazy community.

If you are already a travel blogger, what are some ways you keep yourself on track balancing out adventure with writing? I’d love to here your thoughts!

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