Beating the Cabin Fever!

How Not to Go Crazy on The Road

Even the most introverted person can sometimes feel the pangs of cabin fever. Hours on the road, days by yourself, eventually can take its toll. Here are some easy ways to maintain your sanity, and beat the cabin fever on the road.

  • Clean the car out (or better yet keep it clean) 

Pull up to the vacuum at the gas station or truckstop, empty out all your trash, pack your stuff away efficiently, run a vacuum through it, and give it a quick wipe down. Be sure to wipe the windows; a clear view can do wonders for your mind.


  • Dress up a little

If you read the book, or my posts on changing your beauty routine on the road this might sound a little strange coming out of my pen. But every once in a while when the cabin fever starts to set in, getting dressed, washing your face, putting on a little make up, or running to comb through your hair, can be just the refreshment that you need to get out of your funk.

  • Connect with people

Even just a quick stop and interaction can keep the crazies at bay. Find a diner, bar, camp store, café, any place people sit and socialize, and stop in for a minute. Grab a cuppa coffee, strike up a conversation, or even just “people watch”. Do as the locals do and check out the town. Sometimes even a good five-minute conversation can be enough to recharge the batteries.  iphone-dump-9-19-877

  • Check into a local event

Watch a parade, catch a game, check out a farmers market, “The Kiwanis is having a chili cook-off? Awesome!” Find something that lets you stretch a little and refuel your tank while taking in some of the local fare.


  • Find A Park or Waterfront and go for a walk

Just 20 minutes of fresh air could be just the kick you need. Some of my favorites are the Washington Mall, Redwood State Parks, Seattle & San Diego Waterfronts, San Francisco Embarcadero, and if you ever find yourself in Jackson, Michigan, Cascade Falls Park has a walking path I’ve spent hours of my life circling.



  • Find a Solo Sport

Hit some tennis balls, find a driving range, play 9 holes, surf, snowboard, rock climb, the list is practically endless. Find something active that you love to do (as long as the equipment doesn’t take up too much space) hop of the car and explore a new venue. I used to love to find old time roller rinks and driving ranges.


  • Embrace your creative side

Write stories or songs. No matter how goofy. Embrace the time you have to be creative. Voice notes are a great hands-free way to get your ideas down for later. Make plans for the future. Use your time well.


  • Embrace the silence

Turn everything off and embrace it. Talk to yourself. Give yourself time to hear that inner voice and be in moment. Without the outside voices and distractions you can really get into the journey and where you are. I understand that this is absolutely terrifying to some people, but once you learn how to do this, solo adventures become a million times richer.

  • Audiobooks & tv shows

When you can’t take the silence anymore audiobooks can be a great way to kill long hours and get through that summer reading list. (Find my favorites here🙂

  • Find a place that sparks your soul

This might sound easier said than done, but when it happens, it’s awesome. Some of my favorites have been Fort Clatsop (Lewis & Clarks western landing), Memphis & Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, any place with big trees or mountains, Mt St. Helens, and many more. Walk a little. Read your way through a visitors center. Let yourself think about the bigger context & refresh your soul for the drive ahead.iphone-dump-9-19-898
What are some of your favorite ways to keep from going crazy in the car? Let us know in the comments below!



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