8 Audiobooks That Never Leave My Car

A great audiobook can kill hours off your ride. It can transport you to another place, keep you awake, and finally give you some check marks off that damn summer reading list. Here are a few of the audiobooks that I have on hand at all times:

 One More Thing: Stories and other stories – by B.J. Novak (The Office)


Amazing collection of short stories so intelligently written it will have you thinking, laughing, and online stalking him.


Through Hiking Will Break Your Heart– Carrot Quinn


Not for the conservative thinker, one girls journey up the PCT. Like actually up it. The whole thing, not just two or three little disaster-filled stretches like Wild. Carrot is a unique voice open to the universe and whatever the journey may bring.

Bossypants– Tina Fey


Come on, you know you love her.

Seriously, I’m Kidding – Ellen


If I need to say her last name, don’t bother…

The Great Gatsby– F. S. Fitzgerald (Read by J. Gyllenhaal) gatsby

Jake does a great reading that instantly sucks you in. If you’ve never read it before his performance is a great way to check it off the list.

Stories I Only Tell My Friends– Rob Lowe


Get the Kleenex! You will cry. He is hilarious at times, but mostly heartfelt. Both extremely introspective and yet very critical about the world in which he grew up (Early Malibu) and the state of things in his life. If you love the Brat Pack, West Wing, or JFK Jr. there’s lots of fun dirt and revelation.

The Inexplicable Universe: Unsolved Mysteries– Neil Degrasse Tyson


I could listen to this man read the phonebook…

and my new (somewhat guilty) pleasure:

The Accidental Alchemist Series– Gigi Pandian (Read by Julia Motyka)accidental-alchemist

She’s got a craftsman house in Portland, a 3.5 foot talking gargoyle, traveled around for 50years in an airstream (see’s like 300something), and loves Chai. I think she’s my spirit animal. There are only two books out in the series so far, but I love them.

Comment your favorites! Or feel free to tell me that I’m crazy and wasted one of you’re Audible credits. Either way, at least we’re talking…







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